Fabletics Reveals How Reviews Boost Revenue and Trust

If you are wondering how Fabletics achieved a 300% growth rate in just a few years, you should take a look at their marketing strategy. Their marketing strategy focuses heavily on the power of the crowd. This is another way of referencing online reviews.


Online reviews will help boost your sales. Around three-quarters of consumers said that when they see positive reviews and testimonials on a sales page or a landing page, they are more likely to take the next step in the purchasing process. By simply including online reviews on your sales pages and your landing pages, you can increase conversion rates by almost 20%.


Online reviews do not just make a difference on your own website and sales pages. People search for online reviews on third-party websites and review sites, such as Yelp. Yelp has done studies on how extra star ratings improve sales and revenue. According to Yelp, even one extra star rating can increase your revenue by almost 10%. Depending on how much revenue and profit you earn, this makes a big deal. When it comes to restaurants, they get sold out almost 20% more times when they have even just an extra half star rating.


One reason that Fabletics has been able to stand out among their competition is because they focus heavily on online reviews. They encourage their customers to leave online reviews. They respond to their online reviews religiously. Online reviews are an important part of Fabletics’ marketing strategy. Because of their online reviews, Fabletics has been able to have more than 1 million subscribers. These repeat customers make up most of their revenue and profits. Even new customers are often referred by repeat customers. They have dozens of thousands of reviews across the internet. Online reviews will help improve your repeat customer retention rate because they increase trust in your products. When other people like your products, other customers are more likely to like the products themselves and appreciate what you have done.


There are so many opportunities for online reviews. Yelp and Trust Pilot are some of the most popular sites for online reviews. You can also place your reviews on your own website and sales page.


Customers really trust online reviews. More and more customers trust online reviews every year. It has come to a point that well over 80% of customers trust online reviews. Many say it is their equivalent to a friend recommendation. Consumers are now searching for online reviews on a regular basis. This is true even when they are shopping in stores for offline products.


Kate Hudson has been helping Fabletics since the beginning. She has made sure to hook them up with their parent company, Techstyle Fashion Group, so that they have the right resources and the team to help them succeed. She has helped shape their customer service strategy, marketing plans, their designs, and much more. Please take the Fabletics quiz.

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