Igor Cornelsen: A Leading Brazilian Banker and Financial Advisor

There is no talking about successful names in the stock market without the mention of Igor Cornelsen. He is one of the top and most sort-after banking and investments experts presiding in America. Mr. Cornelsen also takes the time to invest back in his mother country, Brazil.

Brazil doesn’t hold a strong investment culture compared to many countries, a norm that Igor Cornelsen has vowed to change. He not only imparts investment knowledge and expertise to Brazilian financial institutions, but he also offers financial advice to outside investors looking to expand their portfolios into South America.

Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil has one of the strongest economic market in South America. 10 of the biggest banks in Brazil are heavily involved in investments, a fete that has seen the Brazilian economy remain intact as many other markets crush globally. The secret lies in stock market knowledge and avoiding the repetition of past mistakes, as Cornelsen asserts.

Nicknamed the adviser of finances, Mr. Cornelsen works hard to pull more investors into Brazil than in any other South American country. His reasoning is simple; to test the economic strength of any country, just find out who their key trade partners are. Currently, Brazil has strong trading ties with China, another economic superpower. Brazil is one of the largest raw material exporters to China; as the Chinese market continues to thrive and grow, there will always be room for Brazil’s exports. Visit affiliatedork.com about Igor Cornelsen

One of Cornelsen’s strength in the stock market is identifying the failing stocks and making investments just in time before things go south. He lives under one philosophy in his banking and investments career; ‘the secret to successful investing and earning of large profits is in thinking long-term when putting money in the stock market’. Igor Cornelsen also takes his time to train the local Brazilians on sound personal investments.

Part of the reason why Brazil doesn’t do great on personal investments is perceived fear and lack of knowledge about the available investments opportunities. Mr.Cornelsen makes it his business to educate the masses on the importance of a diversified portfolio and how to identify profitable stocks to invest in.

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Omar Boraie is the Healing the City Needs

Omar Boraie is living proof that not everybody in the top 1% are greedy jerks. As the wealth continues to move toward the richest in the world while the poor are suffering, the top earners have continued getting a bad reputation. Omar Boraie and his real estate company Boraie Development LLC prove that this sour reputation is not the case for all the rich elite.


Omar Boraie has dedicated his time and energy to rebuilding the entire city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. He has rolled out a four part plan in order to help New Brunswick be remodeled after one of the massive European cities.


According to Crunchbase, the first part of this plan was to help New Brunswick become a place that families longed to come to and raise their kids. While Omar Boraie had many ideas to make this happen, one idea, in particular, became the favorite of the people. Their favorite program was the Summer Movie Nights. This was composed of seven Disney movies that were shown for free to the public. This allowed families that normally did not see each other to grow closer as families. The New Jersey Stage proudly reported that 7,500 people were able to attend. For more details visit Crunchbase.


The second part of his plan was to secure jobs in the city. At this time, jobs were leaving at a rapid rate. Rumor had it that Johnson and Johnson were looking at leaving and setting up shop in a different city. This would dramatically raise the unemployment rate and cause thousands of families to leave New Brunswick. Sam Boraie was able to work with the corporate leaders to convince them to stay. This gave economic stability to the area. Check out re-nj to see more.



The third part of his plan was to bring the middle-class profession back to the area. Since he was focusing on bringing back young families, Omar Boraie thought it would be best to focus on young professionals. He enticed them to the area by building quality commercial real estate that they could not normally afford but offering it for a price they could pay. This brought in many middle-class professionals.


The fourth part of his plan was to get the professionals to move into the city. Again, he took a very similar strategy to commercial real estate and built higher class residential condos and then sold them for middle-class prices. This stellar combination revitalized the entire city’s economy.



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Reasons why bitcoin is yet to go mainstream as a currency according to Ted Bauman

Seasoned investment guru Mr. Ted Bauman did a comprehensive article breaking down the current limitations of bitcoin’s underlying technology hindering it from achieving its overall goal of becoming the most popular form of conducting transactions considering how secure it is and the fact that it is a decentralized form of currency. According to Ted Bauman, the function of a currency is to process transactions not only securely but also in a timely fashion. This is yet to be achieved by bitcoin as it currently compares very poorly when put side by side with the leading transaction processing platforms such as Visa which according to publicly available data has the capability to process more than 24,000 transactions each second as opposed to bitcoin which can currently process 6.5 transactions per second. In addition, there are reports of users waiting for 10 minutes on average to process a single transaction on bitcoin, with the longest waiting time recorded to be over 40 minutes. The unfortunate fact is that the situation can only worsen as more people join the Bitcoin platform.

That being said, there is a huge balancing task that will definitely go into trying to improve bitcoin’s underlying technological infrastructure. This is because bitcoin is an encrypted digital currency which exists within a network of computers hence its decentralized nature. This means that whenever a transaction occurs, all nodes connected to the bitcoin ecosystem have to update in real-time making it secure and private, free from manipulation from governments and the financial agencies like the central banks. Research has shown that there have been conscious and deliberate efforts aimed at trying to reduce the painstakingly long transaction processing times. In order to reduce the processing time, the most probable solutions involve reducing the amount of data processed in each and every bitcoin mining block. Conversely, the size of bitcoin’s mining blocks can be increased so that more data can be up for processing at every go. The tradeoff is that all of these approaches involve moving some data out of the blockchain, as a result, reducing the security of the Bitcoin platform.

A note about Ted Bauman

From 2013 Ted Bauman has been working with Banyan Hill Publishing as the Editorial Director. He is also the editor of the Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club and the Bauman Letter in which he provides invaluable pieces of advice and opinions on a number of subjects including privacy and low-risk investment.

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