Fabletics Is Coming Into The Online Retail Spotlight

Fabletics is changing the game in women’s athleisure shopping. The company was founded back in 2013 and sold to actress Kate Hudson as part of a plan by two entrepreneurs to add a brand to women’s athletic wear that was cheaper, offered more variety in design and color and a feeling of empowerment to women of all sizes. Fabletics became a hit by 2016 and today it seems to be one of a few companies that can compete with Amazon. The reason it’s done so well is it understands what younger shoppers are looking for in the choices it offers. It also has expanded into brick and mortar stores, but instead of the brick and mortar stores being the base of its sales, they’re more of a compliment to them and a way that customers can buy merchandise without the wait of shipping. What Fabletics seems to be doing to compete in both worlds is narrowing the gap between the choice variety online while still including the speed of brick and mortar.


Kate Hudson may be known more for her acting skills and awards than her business acumen, but there’s several reasons she’s been able to master both worlds. Those that know her such as her colleague and Fabletics President Gregg Throgmartin say that she’s very approachable, friendly and light-hearted personality-wise. She also will not endorse any product just for a paycheck, and those who know her have said she not only wears Fabletics outfits in promotional videos but also wears them around Hollywood and its neighboring suburbs. Hudson also is not afraid to offer new ideas to her staff and encourage changes when she deems them necessary.


Kate Hudson realized early on that she needed to be flexible with how Fabletics’s customer service worked. She responded to concerns about the signup process and improved communication to customers, and she takes reviews left on the company website very seriously. Fabletics even attributes the periods of growth they’ve seen in the last year to positive reviews because they know in this day and age, customers tend to trust the voices of people like them when deciding whether or not to purchase a product. Fabletics also uses big data and predictive algorithms to help customers in shopping. This is part of Fabletics’s parent company Techstyle Fashion Group’s mission to bring the best of Silicon Valley into the fashion world to appeal to each individual customer’s taste. Anyone interested in shopping with Fabletics can get started by going to Fabletics.com and taking the personality and lifestyle quiz as part of the signup form.

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