Investor Paul Mampilly: Best investment adviser

Paul Mampilly is an investment guru in the United States today. Paul was born in India. While he was growing up, India was in a financial crisis that had been created by excess borrowing from the government and then unable to repay. The government was forced to borrow even from its citizens to enable them to repay the loans. One of the people who gave out a loan to the government was Paul Mampilly’s father. The loan they gave to the government was attracting 18% return every year for 30 years. Paul Mampilly saw this as a very good investment his father had made. He was encouraged to make such investments for himself when he grew older.

Paul Mampilly moved to the United States when he was 18 years. He studied his bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting at the Montclair State University in NJ. He then joined Gabelli School of Business at the Fordham University for his MBA. Paul Mampilly was an avid reader. He went to New York where he studied various courses on financial engineering and economics. Paul Mampilly today is a respected investor and adviser on economic matters. He writes investments publication such as the Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes.

Paul Mampilly is respected in the investment industry because of his ability to recommend stocks which have a huge return rate. View Paul Mampilly’s profile at linkedin.

Paul Mampilly research on for small cap companies which are starting to gain dominance in the industry. One of the companies that he has invested in previously and reward very well was Tata automotive company. He invested in the company when the shares were at $5 per share in 2009, by the end of that year, each share was going for $16. In 2015, Tata shares had increased to $15. This was one of the best increases in the stock markets. This is just one of the stocks he had spotted very early before they exploded. There are many others in technology and related medical industries which he has spotted and gained massively from them.

Paul Mampilly published his Profits Unlimited newsletter through the Banyan Hill Publishing. He joined the firm in 2016 as a senior editor. Profits Unlimited is the fasted growing newsletter in the country with over 100.000 subscribers after a very short time. Paul Mampilly has won the hearts of ordinary investors with his fair pricing and the quality of investment recommendations he gives. Those who follow him can attest to making huge returns in the industry.

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A Peek to the Life and Career of Ted Bauman

Every person dreams of living a life free from the government oversight and corporate greed. On the other hand, they also want to live a life of accomplishment. While that is true, achieving the dreams, remain a mirage to many. However, Ted Bauman, editor of the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B Club has spent his entire life teaching people on how to tap into the resources available and achieve the most elusive of their dreams. While at it, Ted Bauman has specialized in matters relating to asset protection, international migration issues, privacy, and low-risk investment strategies that boost wealth creation. Visit Ted Bauman on facebook for more updates.

Ted was born in Washington DC. During his early years, he immigrated to South Africa and did a post-graduate degree in history and economics. Ted would then reside and work in South Africa for over 25 years. While in the country, he took several roles with different organizations in the nonprofit sector. However, Ted focused on low-cost housing projects that went to help over 13 million people across the globe.

In an interview, Ted discussed his daily routine. On a regular day, Bauman drives his daughter to school after which he heads to the basement office and starts working. Once in a while, he wakes up earlier than usual and works on some things before the day begins. His work schedule ends at 5:00 pm. While at his work, Ted Bauman uses real-life examples to help his readers see through the ideas. On the other hand, utilizing his writing skills helps him get through to the audience.

Recently, most of the readers have had questions about the economy. People have become interested and have questioned the strategy of bending over backward to accommodate big enterprises. The interest of the people in matters relating to the global economy is one trend that excites Ted Bauman. He recognizes that for one to be productive, you must utilize the time correctly and work at the times you feel productive. Such times for Ted are early in the morning. Still, he believes if he were to start again, he would take time to learn about time management earlier. Ted advises those in his line of business to do research and stay informed.

Over the years, he has had failures. One of which includes letting his desire for people to take charge of their goals cloud common sense. He has, however, learned to be pragmatic. During his research, Ted uses a wide range of resources to gather and do the analysis.

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The Organo Gold Company

Coffee production all across the world totaled 125.2 million bags in 2009 and 2010, according to the National Coffee Association. After water, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world. Almost every street corner and every grocery store have coffee or coffee products meticulously placed in front of consumers worldwide. No matter the economic situation, coffee exhibits durability and elasticity in almost every world market. Watch this video on Youtube.

Who Are They?

In 2008, a veteran of the network marketing industry, known as Bernardo Chua, and supervisor of direct selling, Shane Morand, founded the Ogano Gold company. The Organo Gold company works closely with a Scientific Advisory Board. The board members include Dr. Irma Prado, a chief medical consultant, Li Ye. Organo Gold coffee is all organic as well! All of the organic ingredients are confirmed by Dr. Li Xiaoyu. So not only will you get a delicious coffee, you will also be contributing towards your overall health in the long-run.


How Does It Work?

In order to get coffee from Organo Gold company, you cant just buy it through regular retail stores or coffee houses. You would have to be an individual distributor and purchase products from the Organo Gold company wholesale. Once a distributor, you then

sell the products and earn a 50 percent commission on sales. Visit to know more.

Types of Products

The Organo Gold company has a unique style of making coffee. They blend gourmet coffee beans with a mushroom known as Ganoderma. The Organo Gold company make it a priority to deliver a delicious product that is also healthy for you. By using Ganoderma, it is believed to have many health benefits that you will not find in any other coffee! The Organo Gold company produces so much more than coffee, they also offer things such as tea as well.

The Stats

Organo Gold is very popular, and only continues to get trendier as more people discover it! For instance, they have earned a total of thirty-five million dollars in just a single year alone! Everyone all around the world love Organo Gold. The top earners in the same year, earned between $350,000 and $4,000,000 per year, but these results are not typical. Organo Gold is a well known, respected and worldwide company. In fact, Organo Gold can be found in countries such as, but not limited to : the U.S.A, Jamaica and Peru. So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself if you are searching for a truly indulgent product!


Ian King, the Cryptocurrency Trading Expert

Ian King, the Cryptocurrency Trading Expert.

Ian King is a renowned cryptocurrency entrepreneur and a trader having more than 20 years’ experience in investment. He is the founder of Intellicoins organization that he uses to produce and create ideas that propel investors through the cryptocurrency business. Before he founded Intellicoins, he headed Peahi Capital for ten years. Peahi Capital is a New York City centered short and long equity fund. Ian King holds a bachelors degree in psychology that he received from the Lafayette University.

Ian King has always been passionate about crypto asset trades, and that’s why he is among the top suppliers of cryptocurrency in the Investopedia. King started from a shallow foundation. He begun at Salomon Brother’s as a desk clerk then joined the famous loan bond transaction department and later moved to credit derivatives at Citigroup. Go To This Page to learn more.

Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017where he helps readers to get in the lead of the expanding crypto market. King edits Crypto Profit Trader Service. Crypto Trader Service is an investment article that is widely known for pinpointing charming crypto tendencies with an exclusive and three-part approach. King also contributes to the weekly Banyan Hill’s Sovereign Investor Daily where he keeps followers imparted with the newest crypto advances.

Ian King believes that cryptocurrency has geared significant change in the manner in which people exchange goods and services. He explains that in the olden days there was Central Bank that acted as a middleman to connect buyers and sellers. But now with cryptocurrency, trading now works without any need for the Central Bank. Traders are also relieved of the fees that are paid to the Bank when making a transaction. This deliverance devolves the systems bringing a great innovation to business people. As a result of decentralization, cryptos are not regulated or controlled by the governments. This freedom keeps them free from trade barriers and exchange rates that affect other currencies such as the Dollar.

Ian King concurs that cryptocurrencies had found out freedom that could not have achieved when Central Banks used to regulate moneys. King adds that his core focus now is to drive his readers towards crypto that provides the best reward and the least risk.

A cryptocorn is an innovative form of startup unicorn. The term unicorn was changed to cryptocorn since the startup is not rare now as before. Ian King Banyan writes about cryptocurrency in the Visit:

Felipe Montoro Jens oversees

The Rio De Janueiro municipality is using its creation, the PPP to bring a greater education to thousands of children.

The main purpose of the project is to create 20 thousand new locations for day-care centers and 40 thousand new locations for pres-schools, all by the year 2020. At first this may seem like an impossible goal, even though it is certainly noble, it will be a very difficult task to accomplish.

“We apply financial resources, experience innovative thinking and our expertise to help our partners overcome financial, operational and political tasks,” said a spokesperson for the International Finance Corporation.

IFC was hired to assist the PPPs with accomplishing these goals. Felipe Montoro Jens claims that the institution(IFC) is the largest private sector developmentally focused institute in the entire private sector, providing hope to citizens all over that the goal is not one that is unobtainable. With the help of anyone who is willing to participate, these schools and day-care centers will be built.

The ideas and business models that were used to construct the PPPs are very similar to a model already put into effect in Brazil. The model has been very successful in other cities already, and in July of 2012 the model was “celebrated by citizens in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais,” Felipe Montoro Jens recalls.

Felipe Montoro Jens explained that the PPPs were created in late 2004. The purpose was to establish rules for the bidding and contracting of PPPs within the public secret, and to establish alternative means to deal with the scarcity of resources in the community.



Matt Badiali’s Investment Strategies

With a BS in earth science from Penn State University, Matt Badiali has spent his life working in companies that deal with his natural resources. Matt who also holds an MS in Geology from Florida Atlantic University worked as a lecturer in his early years after years before a friend introduced him to financial matters.

His friend who is a finance guru and has a Ph.D. in Finance needed Matt to work with him to develop investment strategies for the average American. His friend wanted to tap into Matt’s experiences in the natural resources industry. Since then  Badiali shifted his career to helping investors with the best strategies for investing in agriculture, energy, and metal. Matt joined Banyan Hill in 2017 as a financial writer. He publishes a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist where he publishes content on building, managing and safeguarding investment. Matt is also active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium where he shares his strategies for creating wealth.

His wealth strategies are not just based on research but actual contact with investors, entrepreneurs, companies in natural industries. He has traveled all over the world to carry analysis on diverse projects to develop his expertise in investing in agriculture, energy, and metals. Matt has been to abandoned mines, oil wells, oil rigs, farms, energy plants to understand the natural resource industry. One of his recent blogs urges investors to put their money in zinc. He says that zinc which is used in the production of many products is depleting, but a large deposit was found in Manitoba by Hudbay.

Matt released a video called Freedom Checks that claimed investors could get huge returns if they invested in natural resources. He said that these checks are issued by MLP companies that pay investors at least 90% of their income made on a quarterly and yearly basis. Unlike other investments, freedom checks entrepreneurs do not pay income tax. He also says that anyone can become an MLP investor despite age or income status. MLP companies which mean Master Limited Partnerships in full are businesses involved in energy and metal extraction and processing.

Agriculture, energy, and metal are one of the industries that have been in existence for years. They are the basis for human survival on earth. With the United States beginning its own oil and gas production then more companies will be established in the coming years. In the past, the US depended on oil from the Middle East, but that is changing year after year. So according to Matt Badiali, this is the best time for investors to dip their toes in natural resources investments.

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Sussex Health Care Looking For Staff Members

The Sussex Health Care is a network of care homes for elderly people as well as adults with special medical and care needs. The centers are based in Sussex, and so far there have been established 19 homes with a total of 500 beds. In addition, the Sussex Health Care has established a new gym in the western part of the city where people with special physical needs can go and train with professionals.

Having been around for about a decade, the Sussex Health Care has achieved a team of professionals and the ability to provide care for residents with various needs such as neurological care, PMLD care, dementia, learning disabilities, residents with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and more. The centers take pride in the quality of their services.

The unique approach of the staff members of the centers of Sussex Health Care is to make it easily available for the residents to take up hobbies and activities. There are scheduled activities for most residents, and everyone is also encouraged to take up hobbies. The staff members believe that staying busy and having hobbies promotes the feeling of being home and it also maintains the quality of life at any age.


The Sussex Health Care also started looking for new staff members recently. There are several positions available in a few of the care homes in the area. The Sussex Health Care makes sure that it is an attractive workplace opportunity through providing many benefits to its staff members.

Some of those benefits include basic things such as pensions, a free staff bus, and a uniform. The staff members of the company also get a reduced rate of accommodation and are trained and educated on-sight by the most experienced professionals of the respective center. The Sussex Health Care has its own Training Academy as the centers have their staff members to a high standard.

Staff members also get subsidiary meals, several paid breaks a year, as well as an increased pay per hour when working on weekends and a double pay for the bank holidays. Staff members can receive bonuses for referring people to the Sussex Health Care centers as well.

One of the most attractive aspects of working at a center of the Sussex Health Care is that the network is established in its line of work and present an attractive addition to one’s portfolio along with allowing for professional realization.

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An Award Winning Work Environment created by James Dondero

If your expertise is in money management, the employees at Highland Capital Management located outside of Dallas, Texas can attest to the fact that this is the absolute best place to put your skills to work. To back up these claims, Highland Capital Management was recently awarded one of the “Best Places to Work in Money Management.” This award is not only an honor, but proves how it’s Co-Founder and President, James Dondero cares about the work environment and his employees.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the field and is accredited with his affiliation to a plethora of money management solutions. His list of experience not only includes serving on the board of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business, but he is a dedicated philanthropist as well. Along with being an expert in the field of finance, he supports education, veteran’s affairs and public policy. James Dondero truly cares in a variety of ways as shown in the work environment he creates for employees, as well as outside of the company doors. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

There are great reasons this company was recognized as having one of the best employers in the industry, as the president identifies with factors that make a workplace successful. The perks and benefits within the workplace are intended to reduce distractions, enabling the employees to better focus on their work and productivity, giving them a tremendous advantage to succeed and become a leader in the field.


With a top quality health insurance plan where this employer pays 100% of premiums for employees and dependents as well, that is a management decision that directly sets this company apart from others in the industry. But with firm-wide events, providing lunch for the staff on a daily basis, a stocked kitchen, retreats, parties, the employees attribute their workplace to leadership that cares. The employees never have to worry about the trivial things; they know they are well taken care of, leaving them to have the ability at greater focus on their job.

Making the workplace fun, caring about staff and keeping attitudes positive and upbeat at Highland Capital Management deserves to be a recipient for the award of being one of the best places to work. Deserving not only because they provide the perks, but the president is a very wise businessman who knows how to build a company and see it grow in phenomenal ways. Follow James on Linkedin.

The Impact of Inflation on Consumers

Most people often hear about inflation but do not really understand what it is and how it affects their daily lives. Inflation is a significant economic indicator and it helps you to understand how the prices of commodities are changing as well as know what direction the country is headed to economically. The inflation rate of the U.S is currently at 2.1% which is not very good compared to last year. It is therefore important to understand the rate of inflation and how it affects you and the people around you.


Understanding inflation


First and foremost inflation is defined as the increase in the price of goods and services in an economy within a specific period of time. One of the best ways used to determine the rate of inflation is through Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is where the prices of basic commodities such as sugar, gasoline, and movie tickets are tracked over a certain period of time and a report generated out of that. If for example, the report indicates that the CPI is 4% it implies that on average the price of goods and services has gone higher by 4% compared to the previous year.


Inflation can be seen almost everywhere in our daily lives. For example around January 2017 one pound of chicken on average cost $1.42. Later on January the following year, the same chicken was being sold at $1.51. That is an increase of about 6.3%. However, such an increase does not mean that the inflation rate increased by 6.3 percent because the chicken is just a part of the equation.


How inflation affects consumers


An increase in the rate of inflation affects you in various ways. First of all, inflation weakens your purchasing power. When the rate of inflation is high, the standard of living generally goes down as a result of the increase in the price of most commodities. Inflation also increases interest rates charged by banks.


How to shield yourself from high inflation



There are several measures you can take to protect yourself from high inflation. They include diversifying from the dollar and purchasing physical gold.


U.S Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metal dealers in the U.S. The company currently has over 400,000 customers across the country. U.S Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and it is the main distributor of government-issued coins. The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Todd Lubar on Being Successful in Business

Mr. Todd Lubar is most known for his serving as President of the TDL Global Ventures. He established the company several years ago as a way to follow his passion for helping people fund the solace of owning a home. Mr. Todd Lubar is also serving at the Legendary Investments as its Senior Vice President.

For more than 20 years, Mr. Todd Lubar has been working in the industry of real estate and some years ago ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States of America. Other than real estate, Mr. Todd Lubar has ventured into the construction business, entertainment industry, and mortgage banking, to name a few.

For Mr. Todd Lubar, educating oneself on the industry is essential as it inspires ideas, keeps the mind fresh and active. He always starts his day off with his morning routine which involves reading up on any news in the real estate industry. Knowing what is going on in his line of work provides his day with perspective.

Over the course of his career, businessman Todd Lubar has come to value focus, determination, and staying organized. Mr. Todd advises aspiring entrepreneurs to take hold of their ideation and turn it into a process, making it work for them instead of making their head spin. He likes to settle on the idea that is the clearest and create an actionable plan out of it.

In his line of work, changes are constant, and one of the trends that have been exciting Mr. Todd Lubar the most has been the development of technology in terms of home functionality. Remote functions for the home ae an opportunity according to Mr. Todd Lubar. He believes that some sense of automation could benefit all homeowners, mainly in terms of security, making sure that all appliances are off, and that lights and heating are off as well when it should be to save on bills. Having an easy reach will build up the habit. For more details visit Medium.

For the future, Mr. Todd Lubar hopes to expand his TDL Ventures and to start working in other areas as well. You can follow their Twitter page.

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