Sussex Health Care Looking For Staff Members

The Sussex Health Care is a network of care homes for elderly people as well as adults with special medical and care needs. The centers are based in Sussex, and so far there have been established 19 homes with a total of 500 beds. In addition, the Sussex Health Care has established a new gym in the western part of the city where people with special physical needs can go and train with professionals.

Having been around for about a decade, the Sussex Health Care has achieved a team of professionals and the ability to provide care for residents with various needs such as neurological care, PMLD care, dementia, learning disabilities, residents with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and more. The centers take pride in the quality of their services.

The unique approach of the staff members of the centers of Sussex Health Care is to make it easily available for the residents to take up hobbies and activities. There are scheduled activities for most residents, and everyone is also encouraged to take up hobbies. The staff members believe that staying busy and having hobbies promotes the feeling of being home and it also maintains the quality of life at any age.


The Sussex Health Care also started looking for new staff members recently. There are several positions available in a few of the care homes in the area. The Sussex Health Care makes sure that it is an attractive workplace opportunity through providing many benefits to its staff members.

Some of those benefits include basic things such as pensions, a free staff bus, and a uniform. The staff members of the company also get a reduced rate of accommodation and are trained and educated on-sight by the most experienced professionals of the respective center. The Sussex Health Care has its own Training Academy as the centers have their staff members to a high standard.

Staff members also get subsidiary meals, several paid breaks a year, as well as an increased pay per hour when working on weekends and a double pay for the bank holidays. Staff members can receive bonuses for referring people to the Sussex Health Care centers as well.

One of the most attractive aspects of working at a center of the Sussex Health Care is that the network is established in its line of work and present an attractive addition to one’s portfolio along with allowing for professional realization.

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An Award Winning Work Environment created by James Dondero

If your expertise is in money management, the employees at Highland Capital Management located outside of Dallas, Texas can attest to the fact that this is the absolute best place to put your skills to work. To back up these claims, Highland Capital Management was recently awarded one of the “Best Places to Work in Money Management.” This award is not only an honor, but proves how it’s Co-Founder and President, James Dondero cares about the work environment and his employees.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the field and is accredited with his affiliation to a plethora of money management solutions. His list of experience not only includes serving on the board of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business, but he is a dedicated philanthropist as well. Along with being an expert in the field of finance, he supports education, veteran’s affairs and public policy. James Dondero truly cares in a variety of ways as shown in the work environment he creates for employees, as well as outside of the company doors. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

There are great reasons this company was recognized as having one of the best employers in the industry, as the president identifies with factors that make a workplace successful. The perks and benefits within the workplace are intended to reduce distractions, enabling the employees to better focus on their work and productivity, giving them a tremendous advantage to succeed and become a leader in the field.


With a top quality health insurance plan where this employer pays 100% of premiums for employees and dependents as well, that is a management decision that directly sets this company apart from others in the industry. But with firm-wide events, providing lunch for the staff on a daily basis, a stocked kitchen, retreats, parties, the employees attribute their workplace to leadership that cares. The employees never have to worry about the trivial things; they know they are well taken care of, leaving them to have the ability at greater focus on their job.

Making the workplace fun, caring about staff and keeping attitudes positive and upbeat at Highland Capital Management deserves to be a recipient for the award of being one of the best places to work. Deserving not only because they provide the perks, but the president is a very wise businessman who knows how to build a company and see it grow in phenomenal ways. Follow James on Linkedin.

The Impact of Inflation on Consumers

Most people often hear about inflation but do not really understand what it is and how it affects their daily lives. Inflation is a significant economic indicator and it helps you to understand how the prices of commodities are changing as well as know what direction the country is headed to economically. The inflation rate of the U.S is currently at 2.1% which is not very good compared to last year. It is therefore important to understand the rate of inflation and how it affects you and the people around you.


Understanding inflation


First and foremost inflation is defined as the increase in the price of goods and services in an economy within a specific period of time. One of the best ways used to determine the rate of inflation is through Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is where the prices of basic commodities such as sugar, gasoline, and movie tickets are tracked over a certain period of time and a report generated out of that. If for example, the report indicates that the CPI is 4% it implies that on average the price of goods and services has gone higher by 4% compared to the previous year.


Inflation can be seen almost everywhere in our daily lives. For example around January 2017 one pound of chicken on average cost $1.42. Later on January the following year, the same chicken was being sold at $1.51. That is an increase of about 6.3%. However, such an increase does not mean that the inflation rate increased by 6.3 percent because the chicken is just a part of the equation.


How inflation affects consumers


An increase in the rate of inflation affects you in various ways. First of all, inflation weakens your purchasing power. When the rate of inflation is high, the standard of living generally goes down as a result of the increase in the price of most commodities. Inflation also increases interest rates charged by banks.


How to shield yourself from high inflation



There are several measures you can take to protect yourself from high inflation. They include diversifying from the dollar and purchasing physical gold.


U.S Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metal dealers in the U.S. The company currently has over 400,000 customers across the country. U.S Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and it is the main distributor of government-issued coins. The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.