José Auriemo, JHSF Participacoes SA C.E.O

José Auriemo is the current chair and the executive officer of JHSF Participacoes SA, a Brazilian real estate company. The company has a significant interest in commercial and residential properties as well as the construction of motels, hotels, and public offices. Under his leadership, JHSF Participacoes SA has witnessed excellent growth in its shopping and retail portfolio.

Mr. José Auriemo has been the C.E.O of JHSF Participacoes SA since 2003. He joined the company in 1993 and had served in various positions which have made him well conversant with goals of JHSF. His experience has given him an upper hand in running the company’s affairs conclusively and tentatively to the significant success that it has witnessed during his tenure.

José Auriemo has exemplary leadership qualities. Employees of JHSF Par have given testimonials that they enjoy working under José’s reign because he is open to new ideas that can propel the company to greater success.

JHSF Par Projects

JHSF has raised the bar in the Brazilian real estate business. It has undertaken significant projects across the country that seeks to make Brazil at par with other countries that have invested heavily in the real estate business. In 2006, the company rolled out Cidade Jardim Corporate Center project that consists of a Shopping Mall, Nine residential towers, and three commercial towers.

Since its inception, JHSF has successfully managed to see through real estate projects that have coverage of about 6 million square meters. This has made it be one of the most sought-after real estate companies in Brazil. Over recent years, the company has made progress in pursuing its interest in neighboring countries such as Uruguay and USA.

Notably, the success of JHSF can be attributed to the analytical leadership style of José Auriemo. Before he undertakes any project, José employs a team of experts who conduct feasibility studies to determine the viability of the project at hand. They then analyze the problems that might be faced and come up with ideas that will give a long-term solution. After which, the team provides the go-ahead if the project is profit oriented.

The OSI Food Solutions Group and How it Benefits Companies

For any business in the food industry, it is difficult to find a company that produces high-quality food products and items at affordable prices. This is why the OSI Food Solutions group is one of the most beneficial choices for those within this industry. The company was founded in 1978 and has since become one of America’s top 100 food companies around. Because of this, they are a company that you can trust and one that is producing some of the best options when it comes to getting items that you will need and want for any of your customers’ needs.

Along with being a top contender in the food industry, they recently purchased the Tyson food plant, Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Because of these recent purchases, OSI Food Solutions has been able to double their chicken production as well as capacity. You will find that their products are made with high quality control standards, so you can feel good serving the items to your customers on a regular basis. The company recently won the 2016 Globe of Honour that was given to them by the British Safety Council. Because of this, they have worked diligently on helping businesses of all types and sizes to get the products that they need for superior food production.

OSI Food Solutions is also known for their employment and career opportunities. A lot of people working for the company are finding that the business offers a range of benefits that make it easy to see why you might want to establish a career with them. If you would like more information on OSI Food Solutions or would like to begin working for them, it is important that you visit their site to learn more about their practice and company. They are incredibly beneficial for those looking for great products and want to know that they are using a company that is going to deliver in terms of quality. This is a beneficial choice for lots of different reasons and can be exactly what you need when growing your own food-related business and enterprise.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade: A Story of Tireless Pursuit of Success

CAOA was established in 1979 by a medical doctor living in Campina Grande. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade had ordered and paid for a Ford Landau at a Campina Grande dealership but they could not deliver the vehicle because the dealership was bankrupt. He made a deal with the owners to have the dealership transferred to him in lieu of the car. He started running the dealership and within a short time, CAOA became one of the biggest supplier of Ford vehicles in Brazil.

The company was a success and when in 1992 Brazil’s government lifted the ban on vehicle imports CAOA was ready. They started importing Renault models from France and became their official and only importer for Brazil. The company was doing so well that it was the highest ranked in the sale of imported vehicles and 5th in the sale of motor vehicles. The partnership did not last long and CAOA no longer represents Renault in Brazil. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade moved on to Japan made vehicles and in 1998 became the only importer of the Subaru in Brazil.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade has a knack for business. Before taking over the representation of Subaru in Brazil the company had been represented by 2 other dealers who had not been successful, CAOA tripled sales within their first year with the brand. In 1999 CAOA added Hyundai t their portfolio and in a short time, the Hyundai Tucson became the best selling imported car in Brazil. This was made possible by the marketing campaign that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade came up with.

The opening up of the CAOA Automobile Assembly in Amapolis was a major milestone for Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade who spent $600 million to build it. He was named “Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry,” by IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine for this entrepreneurial feat. 10 years later CAOA wen into partnership with the Chinese company Cherry to create CAOA Cherry a company that will make Brazilian cars.

About Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade was born in 1943 and attended the Federal University of Pernambuco for his degree in medicine.

Insights into the life and career of investment banker Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a retired Brazilian banker and one of the most reputable professionals in the finance industry. Born in 1947 in Curitiba, a small town in Brazil, he had a traditional upbringing. As a young man, he went to the Federal University of Parana and studied engineering. Given that he attended college in the 60’s engineering was the only course being offered at Federal University at the time which made entry to this university competitive.

Igor Cornelsen’s career

Having studied engineering for two years, he also decided to study economics after it was introduced into the same college. Five years later, he graduated and immediately got a job with an investment bank. While working for this organization, he combined a broad range of skills he had acquired in engineering and economics to help the company calculate massive mathematical problems.

Within a couple of years, he began to earn recognition for his unique skills that made him one of the most sought-after bankers in Rio. In 1974, Igor Cornelsen joined Multibanco, where he continued to amaze his seniors with his skills. Utilizing the expertise he acquired, he helped the bank grow, and within two years, he had been named the chief executive officer.

When the bank merged with Bank of America, he moved to Unibanco to explore new frontiers. Igor Cornelsen led the bank through the 1985 economic recession and by the time it was over, he took over the leadership of Libra Bank PLC.

His move to a London-based bank made him even more popular in the financial circles. Igor Cornelsen later joined the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. For almost a decade, he served as a board member of the company up until he retired. Currently, he works as a consultant in matters of investment banking. He heads the Bainbridge Group, an organization that teaches people on how to run their businesses.

The Daily Life Of Jason Hope

Different people have different ways of making things work in their life. For instance, Jason Hope has managed to focus on being a philanthropist, entrepreneur and investor. He also has some interest in politics.

Jason Hope is an Arizona native. He was raised in Tempe and attended Arizona State University, where he obtained his finance degree. He also advanced and acquired an MBA.

Jason Hope says that for every individual with a finance degree and MBA, the most natural thing to do is to start their business. Jason Hope also realized that many young people were not accomplishing their dreams because of lack of capital. He says that the economy is tough and sometimes even the $500 he gives the upcoming business people is not enough.

Hope visits his website, and cherry picks the business ideas he finds unique and interesting. He says that to see he stays productive, he begins his day with a healthy breakfast and physical exercise. He also has a routine of checking his social media pages and emails first thing in the morning. He takes breaks from his computer once in a while for composure maintenance.

Jason Hope says that to bring his ideas to life, he avoids complicating things by keeping them basic. He explains that over complicating issues encourages failure. He takes one step at a time in completing his projects. He also ensures that he finishes one project before proceeding to the next one. He says many business people fail because they chase all ideas that come their way.

Hope says that when he was young, he was always obsessing over small details. He says that whenever he was working on a project, and something went wrong, he could always be so stressed and worried. From this, he learned the importance of focusing on the big picture. He also has faith on any project he undertakes.

Everyone has something that they believe that other people think its crazy. For Jason Hope, it is on the aging process. He believes that the process can be reversed. In 2010, he donated $500000 million to SENS Research Foundation to sponsor the research.

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Why Zeco Auriemo’s JHSF is Sao Paulo’s’ Leader of Luxury.

Jose Auriemo Neto started management of businesses when he was tasked with managing his family business when he was below thirty years making him one of the youngest managers in Brazil. His role followed years of working in the company from teenage years and accumulating necessary skills that helped him impact changes in management.

Jose Auriemo Neto or Neto as close relatives well identify him, demonstrated great leadership traits when he was a teenager when he was among those who took part in the International Youth Coexistence that was held in Japan, as well as during the period he trained to ride horses in Europe. He decided to join a University in Sao Paulo when he was seventeen to study Engineering while serving as a parking officer at JHSF at the same time. In the course of working in the parking administration department, Zeco Auriemo saw the need to focus on business after Fabio Auriemo, his father. He then decided to leave college to concentrate on building a successful family business.

In the mid-1990s, JHSF became incorporation representing company’s profits of about 90 percent. After the establishment became a corporation, it was actively taking part in some projects in the heart of Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Punta Del Este and in Uruguay making it a luxury condominium. The company had concentrated on the construction of Shopping malls including the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz and Tucuruvi.

In 202, Zeco Auriemo noted the incorporation branch that concentrated on high income, a rapidly growing market in big cities. Following his outstanding plans, the company put its money in the Marginal Pinheiros area project feasibility for the Parque Cidade Jardim. The great determination that Zeco Auriemo had could not be stopped by others thinking of the project failure. Later on, the project generated profits that enable the company to trade shares on the SPSE, check

Brazil’s Agriculture Exports As Relayed by Flavio Maluf

Brazil’s agriculture exports business is right now on the steady rise. By the end of this year alone, Brazil’s total export of soy products is projected to be about 72 million tons. This projection was partly based on the fact that between January and June, Brazil traded 46.27 million tons of soy products. The countries top foreign customers for agriculture trading China and the European Union (which includes 28 countries). While these two are at the top, there are many countries that favor doing agriculture trade business with Brazil. Visit their website to learn more.

There are a number of insiders that have influence in Brazil’s agriculture industry. One of the leading insiders is the CEO of Eucatex, Flavio Maluf. After high school, he studied mechanical engineering at Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. However, he was at that time already working at Eucatex and eventually opted to make that his lifelong career. He climbed through the ranks, becoming CEO in 1997. He still holds this position as well as serving as the president of Grandfood.

Maluf is also dedicated to mentoring and instructing the next generation of Brazil’s business leaders. He spends much of his time teaching prospective entrepreneurs about common business myths and teaching them about the importance of creativity. He says this creativity is the key to finding true success in entrepreneurship. He also teaches them to work smart with maximum efficiency. In essence, his passion is to change the dynamics of the Brazilian business scene. His greatest desire is to lift the depression that has been its economy for years.

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GoBuyside Gives an Insight on Solutions to the Challenges in Investment Management Recruiting

Companies have been utilizing traditional recruitment techniques. After multiple advancements in technology, advanced recruitment techniques have taken over. Recruitment firms have also been founded to ease the burden that companies experience when trying to recruit particular talents. One investment management firm that has carved a name for itself in the recruitment sector is GoBuyside. Read this article at GoBuyside News.

Executive leaders in different companies have participated in many surveys. The results indicate that most of the participants are not confident about spotting the specific talents that they require in the organization. The survey also shows that only 5% of the executive leaders are optimistic about hiring the required candidates.

The best solution to the problem is hiring a specialized recruiter. GoBuyside has identified the challenges in the recruitment processes thereby finding solutions.

Stiff Competition in the Job Industry

Demand for specialized professionals has been on the rise. It has affected the job industry thereby bringing stiff competition in the recruitment sector. A prime example is when many corporations look for a professional in electrical engineering. Investment management firms and engineering companies may be in pursuit of this specialized talent. There will be immense competition since the company with the better proposal will take the day. One company will be left out. They will have to recruit again. Read more about GoBuyside at

Finding Solution to this Issue

Recruitment professionals specialize in hiring and finding particular talents. Although many investment management firms are present, you should opt for one that has a proven track record. Among the firms that may suit your needs is GoBuyside. The company was founded in 2011. Since then, GoBuyside has expanded its client base by ensuring that people have access to quality services.

At the moment, GoBuyside has more than 400 clients in more than 15 countries. Since traditional recruitment techniques are not as efficient as they used to be, companies should now try out investment management firms. GoBuyside should be their company of choice since the recruitment firm has worked with hedge funds, fortune 500 companies, and private equity firms. There are many recruitment companies in the financial services industry. GoBuySide is one of the best.


Hyland’s Works to Make Baby Feel Better

With over 100 years of experience, Hyland’s now offers Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets to alleviate teething irritation and other mouth and gum pain. These small and soft tablets dissolve instantly, and make baby feel better. Created with all natural homeopathic and active ingredients, this Baby Oral Pain Relief product is 100% homeopathic and contains no artificial flavors or dyes. Teething babies and moms can feel safe with quality product. Hyland’s relies on a safe reputation across all products.


This product contains several natural ingredients all focused to relieve sensitive, sore or swelling gums, to alleviate oral pain or irritability, and to provide instant relief to baby. The practice of homeopathy medicine began in Europe and was transferred across the pond to America in the early 19th century. Based on the principles of minimum dose, individualized medicines, and that the same substance which causes an ailment can cure it, homeopathic medicine has proven effective to cure baby oral irritation.


Hyland’s has been trusted by generations of moms for over 100 years. Proud to be ranked the #1 over-the-counter (OTC) brand, and proud to be a family-operated business, Hyland’s remains dedicated to family wellness and health. Each product is manufactured with the highest quality standards, using the best ingredients, and always prepared to the strictest standards. Its’ company mission remains to educate and empower moms through knowledge and community.


Mom can feel safe that customer support is always available, at any time – please call (800) 624-9659. And, Hyland’s offers a free refund policy, at any time, for any reason. That guarantee of product reflects excellence.

Bernardo Chua, the Great Mind behind OrganoGold

Bernardo Chua is the founder of OrganoGold. He also serves as its Chief Executive Officer of the company. OrganoGold is a multilevel marketing firm with a global presence. The company deals in lifestyle le enhancing products like premium coffees, dietary supplements, and blended teas. OrganoGold has recently designed its signature product known as OGX, a product that manages the body system. Chua holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from the University of Santo Tomas Philippines.

Bernardo Chua has had a long journey to success. He started in the Philippines as a purchasing manager in a family-owned garment manufacturing plant. However, he had always wanted to pursue his path apart from the expectations of his family. An opportune time came when a Pilipino travel agency offered him a chance to serve as a travel manager. Chua helped the company to grow and expand its programs across Southeast Asia. Read more about Bernardo Chua at Bitsy Link.

Chua is a highly gifted entrepreneur. His talent and ability caught the watchful eye of Gano Excel, a direct selling company. Gano Excel offered him a position as a sales executive. The company dealt in Ganoderma blended products which included instant coffee, capsules, and other herbal products. Again, Chua excelled. With support from a passionate team, Gano Excel expanded its market share to cover a large part of Asia. The company continued to expand to Canada and the United States. Again, Gano Excel decided that Chua was the best executive to manage its operations in Canada. He relocated with his family.

After moving to Canada, Bernardo Chua made his lifetime move: he founded OrganoGold, also known as ORGANO. Today, the visionary leadership and dedication of Bernardo Chua have seen OrganoGold rise to global fame. The company is famous for its different coffee-flavored products, energy supplements, and detoxification products. The company has done a great job in promoting the health of its growing client base.

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