Wild Ark Travel Green Destinations

Seeing the world in its pure state is important to many eco-conscious travelers and many find conservation an important part of their travel plans. In South Africa, Kenya, and many other countries some animals are facing struggles because of environmental changes and poachers and are now endangered. These places offer a vast array of opportunities to study game farms, massive photography options, train as a guide, and so much more. There is so much beauty in nature and you can literally live as a native tribe and gain sustainable living skills.

Wild Ark believes in protecting the wild places of the world. Conservation is important and we strive to inspire others and connect those with the same passion for reconnecting with nature. The world is open and we strive to provide events in different areas of the world that are like a needle in a haystack when searching for the same experience online. You can sign up to get email updates and never miss an event or information from Wild Ark. Imagine studying the wild and having nature as your textbook and your eyes and camera as a notebook. Live at one with nature and give back to an environment you decide to visit.

You can have an interest in birds, elephants, or any other animal and be able to work with EcoTracker in which animals are tracked and you learn about the day to day life of your animal of interest. Wild Ark can teach you to be a field, trail, or safari guide and immerse you in a broad spectrum of lectures and coursework about the field and wilderness surrounding you. If you love to hike you can travel the trails of South Africa and take in the beauty and so many visuals await you at every turn. For those with an interest in photography take a course in which you have the wild of South Africa as your canvass. You have so many opportunities to grow and learn with Wild Ark and your journey can continue in so many places, the sky is the limit.

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