3 Things A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Would Do In Napa

When most people think of Napa all they think about is wine. And while that is a huge part of Napa, it isn’t the only part. Here are 3 things a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide would do in Napa.

Stroll Around The Napa Art Walk

Art lovers this is for you. The Napa Art Walk is a very popular event that features amazing work from artists from all over the country. While there you will be able to check out some of the most breathtaking sculptures mankind has ever created. If you opt to purchase something a percentage of your sale will go towards funding future shows.

Learn How To Cook At The Silverado Cooking School

You can’t have great wine without great food. If you are interested in learning how to pair the two together, taking a cooking class at The Silverado Cooking School is just what the doctor ordered. While there you will learn from famous Chef Malcolm de Sieyes. And the best part is after you have prepared your amazing dish, you will get the opportunity to taste it at the end of the class.

Melt Your Worries At The Auberge Spa

When you visit Napa you have to make sure you take time to relax. After all, that’s what vacation is really all about. A spa session at Auberge Spa is the perfect way to melt your worries away. As a guest you will be treated to a very intense therapeutic massage that is sure to relax every part of your body. Once your massage is over you will be able to enjoy other activities such as biking, hiking, hot air balloon rides and yoga just to name a few.

What Is A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide?

If you love drinking wine and making money you may have what it takes to be a successful Traveling Vineyard Wine guide. A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is someone who plans wine tastings in the city of Napa. The idea is for you to create a memorable experience for all guests who attend the tasting. After the tasting has come to an end the tasters will get the opportunity to order wine directly from the winery.

As a Traveling Vineyard Wine guide you will be able to set your own schedule and work when it is most convenient for you.To learn more about the Traveling Vineyard Wine guide opportunity visit www.pinterest.com/travelinvinyard/