Sleek & Efficient Electric Razor by Donald Scott NYC

If you want to sport a beard it is vital to keep that thing trimmed else you will end up looking like a wild man of the woods quite swiftly. One of the more gentlemanly appearing beard styles is the faded beard shape up. A distinct and distinguished look that consists of the beard being groomed yet thick and tapering to a thin stubble look.


One of the best products out there to enable that well groomed look is the Donald Scott NYC Groom Stik Pro. A sleek and slim electric shaver that allows for close and precise trimming of beards as well as other body hair.


The Groom Stik Pro by Donald Scott NYC is perfect for travel with its small size and efficient use of only two AAA batteries. This sleek and efficient razor is ideal for home grooming as well as for professional stylists looking for that perfect tool for finer details at an affordable price. We can all thank Donald Scott NYC for this fantastic trimmer.

The Benefits You Get From an Organo Gold Cup of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most commonly consumed beverages globally. Many concerns have been raised regarding effects of taking this drink. Among these concerns is the high intake of sugar and caffeine, which are considered unhealthy. Organo Gold coffee, however, is an exception. The coffee contains Ganoderma which is its main constituent.

The Ganoderma lucidum is a mushroom that is mainly grown in Asia. The Asians have used it for about four thousand years, having realized its importance. Considering that it was rare, it was reserved for the royal family. Technology has however made the cultivation of the mushroom possible.

Specific health conditions Ganoderma lucidium can help manage

Yeast infection and bronchitis

Ganoderma boosts the maturation of macrophages which are immune cells that are known to digest harmful bacteria. Thus, they prevent the development of secondary infections such as chronic bronchitis. The mature macrophages are also effective against yeast, thus making the coffee essential in treating yeast infections.


Considering the responsibilities of an average citizen, it is not surprising to be stressed. Eastern physicians have always recommended Ganoderma to their stressed patients. Thus, if you are under stress, consider taking Organo Gold coffee.Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Alcoholism and liver cirrhosis

Ganoderma is instrumental in preventing alcohol-induced liver cirrhosis. It is especially effective for those whose the disease is not advanced.


Ganoderma prevents the uterine from producing histamine which is known to cause inflammation. It also prevents the production of fibroblast growth factor, a chemical that accelerates the growth of fibroids.

Organo gold and Bernardo Chua

Having worked for various Ganoderma lucidium-producing companies, Bernardo understood the full benefits of the herb. He realized that the western world was not aware of these benefits and thus decided to venture into the Ganoderma business.

According to Zoominfo, in 2008, Bernardo Chua created Organo Gold, a company that escalated the use of Ganoderma herb globally. He has since concentrated on educating people on the benefits of the Ganoderma herb. By so doing, he has been able to expand the company’s clientele base.

The firm is located in Canada but has distributors all over the world. His choice for Canada is because the country is known for its strict standards thus assuring clients of top quality.

Host a Stress-Free Party through Twenty Three Layers

Hosting a party is a stressful proposition since the guest list has to be drawn up, caters reserved, food prepared, and a thousand other small details accounted for; all before the first guest walks in through the door! Why not skip the stress and just head right to the party? A host like a pro by hiring the best event planners in NYC to handle the responsibilities of planning a party.

Twenty Three Layers is one of the best event planning companies in NYC you can find. They still up to date on the latest party trends in entertainment, food, a décor. Their energy and creativity will surpass even the most dazzling expectations you have for your next event. They’re seasoned veterans in the world of event planning from weddings to charitable functions, they’ve done a bit of everything.

The event planning company has a handle on every aspect of the celebration from the venue where the party will be held down to the custom printing. They understand how vital these aspects of the party are and the importance of creating an aesthetic space to ensure guests are comfortable the moment they show up at the front door.

Floral design, entertainment, photography, branding, and other aspects of the party are handled by Twenty Three Layers. Whether it’s a corporate event detailing the next move a business is going to make or a one of a kind celebration, the company is here to help you. The focus of Twenty Three Layers is to exceed the expectations of their clients during their celebration. Overcoming their expectations and going beyond to ensure the event goes along smoothly.

Entrust Twenty Three Layers to plan out the celebration for you so you can enjoy the party. You can enjoy hosting a party stress-free knowing the best event planners in New York City have your back.


Celebrating Achievements With Event Planning Companies

In order to award people, companies often want to run special events so that there will be motivation for people to continue working for the company. However, there has to be a lot of thought put into the event. For one thing, there is a lot of meaning to the achievements. People have worked hard for the company in order to make a lot of progress. Therefore, it is important for them to be appreciated for their hard work. One thing that can be frustrating for the workers is if they have been awarded with an event that has not been given any thought.


However, one thing that the host of the event needs to understand is that he is going to need the help of event planning companies in NYC like Twenty Three Layers. This is one important thing about the event planning process. For one thing, it can be very stressful because people have to make sure that they get everything working in good condition. After all, one of the best things event planners in NYC could do for people is make sure that they are having a really fun time with all of the components working.


Planning an event with Twenty Three Layers can actually very fun because the professionals are very passionate and creative. They take the time to think about and discuss ideas with the host and with each other so that they could see what is going to work and what can be adjusted. They could also come up with other solutions that could take the event to an even greater level of fun.


In this modern age, huge advancements in technology have made it possible for hospitals to not only offer great medical care but also provide an excellent and healthy environment for the patients. This serves the sole purpose of facilitating the healing process in patients.

Copa star hospital is a luxurious state of the art hospital fitted with modern equipment. It is located in the streets of Figueiredo Magalhaes in Copacabana. This hospital offers top medical care and this has been a relief to many Brazilians who could not get such medical care from the other hospitals found in the city.

Construction of this Hospital Copa Star was started in 2013 and it took three years to be completed. This hospital was a huge investment. The total amount of money that was used for the construction of the hospital to its completion amounts to almost 130 million dollars. This huge investment was necessary to create an environment that incorporates technology with luxury and human acceptance. Read more at about Copa Star.

Using technology in medicine

The incorporation of modern technology in the hospital has helped reduce the workload of doctors and nurses. Also, the smart hospitality system used in this hospitality gives patients a sense of self-reliance unlike in the other hospitals. The use of iPads to facilitate communication between patients and doctors has also helped. Patients can easily reach their doctors or nurses in time of need.

Technology has also been used to automate the beds in this hospital. This allows nurses and interns to do various activities such as; switch the lights, close or open the curtains, control the IV and even monitor the progress of the patients without necessarily visiting them personally. This helps to save time and also increases the efficiency of the doctors and nurses in the hospital.

Facilities present in the hospital

Furthermore, Copa star hospital has 45 ICU rooms fitted with state of the art medicine equipment. The surgical rooms are also ultra-modern. Apart from these, Copa hospital has a medical staff that consists of 550 nurses and 113 doctors.

In addition, the medical staffs are highly skilled and are capable of handling complicated medical conditions like Neurosurgery and even cardiac surgery. This has helped many patients who had to travel to other hospitals to get access to such medical care and treatment.

Many people often complain about the smell of the cleaning detergents used in the cleaning of the hospital rooms. This problem has been eliminated in this hospital. The walls of this hospital have been fitted with aromatic kits that freshen up the hallways. Moreover, the rooms in this hospital have been built in such a way that ensures natural light gets in maximally.

Natural light is often preferred in hospitals as it aids the recovery process in patients. It also saves money that would have otherwise been incurred bu using alternative means of light in the hospital rooms.


Every Day Is An Event At Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

Special events are always fun. There are some people that want to enjoy plenty of special events. For those that have that preference, there is Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. One of the reasons that this is a great place for special events is that there are plenty of features. As a matter of fact, there are so many features at that mall that one is not going to be able to enjoy all of them in one day. It would take at least a few days for people to actually take advantage of all of the features that Roberto Santiago’s mall offers.

One can think about the largest mall they have ever been to and they will find that it holds no candle to Manaira Shopping mall. For when people think about malls, they tend to picture clothes, electronics, and food. This is the typical set up of a lot of malls. Some shopping malls don’t even have electronic stores. However, they tend to be some of the smaller malls. With Manaira Shopping, there has been so much space added to it and so many enhancements that one has to think really hard to come up with something that has not been done at the mall yet. Visit to read more.

Also, the way it is set up makes even shopping for clothes a huge event. There is always something special going on at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. This is one of the reasons that it is so popular. Mall owners could learn a lot from Roberto Santiago. He makes sure that the mall is set up in a way that it can attract events. One of the best ways to attract events is by making the mall huge and safe.

Given that the mall caters to people of all economic classes, one can rest assured that they don’t have to worry about any type of trouble from the mall. With all the wide varieties of stores at the mall and the staff making sure everything is safe, one can walk through the mall with very little if any worry. Therefore, people can enjoy the event at the mall fully. Read more

From The Yellow Pages To The Internet

Before the internet has become really big, many people have looked up information on a company through phone books. Back then, this was one of the only ways to get information about a company, product or business. All a business had to do is place their ad in the phone book. People that are interested would call the company and ask questions. There was one major factor that was actually a major advantage for businesses. Phone books did not contain reviews. Therefore, anyone that wanted to learn about a company had to take the time to shop at the store in order to see what type of treatment they will get.

Times have changed so much from the days of the phone book. These days, people will not only get information about a company online, but they will also find reviews about the company. For one thing, the internet has opened up the review platform so that anyone can write a review. Since anyone could write a review of a company, suggests it is more important than ever for a company to make sure that it is doing the best it can to satisfy their customers. All it takes is one in depth and detailed review of the company in order to change the amount of customers it gets.

The internet is one of the best inventions when it comes to businesses. This makes it easier for people to find businesses that are legitimate. The internet also helps people discover new businesses that they would not have even learned about even with the yellow pages. While there are online yellow pages, it is important for people to understand that all they need is the search engines. A lot of search results bring maps with it so that people will know where the closest location.

Anthony Petrello Making A Difference In And Out Of The Office

Nabor Industries LTD is one of the top companies specializing in drilling. With their advanced technology and software, Nabor Industries offers the right tools to assist with oil and gas drilling. The person leading the way for Nabor Industries’ success is its President and CEO, Anthony Petrello.

With degrees from Harvard Law School and Yale University, it’s no wonder Anthony Petrello has launched a thriving career for himself. Following his college graduation in the late 1970s, Anthony Petrello started a law career by working for the New York firm, Baker & McKenzie. For 12 years, Petrello stayed with the firm, specializing in corporate and financial law. It was Petrello’s expertise with corporate law that would lead him to joining Nabor Industries in 1991. For over 25 years, Petrello has served not only as the President and CEO, then in 2011 he was appointed as the Chairman of the Board.

Aside from making a difference in the business world, Anthony Petrello is a huge supporter of giving back to the community. Petrello and Nabor Industries have donated their money and time to many charities for cancer patients, veterans, and children. Giving back to the community is an important issue for Anthony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia Petrello. Their daughter, Carena, was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia when she was born prematurely at 24 weeks. Petrello and his wife have watched as Carena struggles in everyday life by learning to walk and try to form sentences. Carena’s ordeal has lead Anthony and Cynthia to help in their quest to find a cure for periventricular leukomalacia. As a member of the Board of Trustees at Texas Children’s Hospital, Petrello is a leader in starting programs and research to help children with neurological disorders like Carena.

Learn more about Tony Petrello:

Securus Technologies Offers Technology Challenge To GTL

In the business world, companies compete on a daily basis. Many of these companies compete in the same industry markets for customers. There are some industries that have more competition than others based on the type of products and services offered by the companies. One of the industries where the competition is highly competitive is the technology industry. Many companies provide technology related products and services to the public. Many of these companies offer the same products and services.


As a result, there are various companies in the technology industry that do not get along based on the competitive nature of the industry. Two of these companies are Securus Technologies and GTL. The two companies compete in the same technology markets and provide very similar technology related products and services.


With issues between the two companies that go back several years, Securus Technologies recently requested a technology bakeoff with GTL through a press release. The goal of the technology bakeoff would be to determine the company that provides the better technology to the public. Securus Technologies believes that it provides the better products and services. The company wants to do the technology bakeoff to prove it is a better company than GTL.


Securus Technologies wants to use an independent judge to determine the winner of the technology bakeoff. Securus Technologies listed many reasons why it feels that the company is better than GTL. I think that Securus Technologies really wants to have a technology bakeoff. I think that Securus Technologies is serious about the technology bakeoff, and the company wants to prove it is better than GTL.


While Securus Technologies has made an offer to have a technology bakeoff, GTL has not accepted the challenge.


Securus Technologies is a proven technology company that offers a variety of technology related products and services to safety related organizations that include public safety, corrections, and law enforcement. Securus Technologies also provides products and services to inmates.



EOS the lip balm of the Millennial Woman

Have you noticed that fun egg shaped lip balm that seems to have come out of nowhere? It is called EOS (an acronym for the company’s name, Evolution of Smooth). This lip balm went from small startup company to being the second best selling lip balm in the country by Kline the research and consulting company.

The Creation of EOS

Sanjiv Mehra, with a career in major consumer packaged goods companies, partnered with Craig Dubitsky and Jonathan Teller, with careers in the creation of startup companies, to form EOS. Before EOS was released Dubitsky left to manage a new company, Hello Products.

Mehra and Teller researched and found that even though most women used lip balm in their daily routine they didn’t enjoy it. The unisex product available was not making the mark. Creating a product especially designed for women that was as imaginative as possible to set it apart from existing products was their goal. They wanted a product that would engage all five senses. Scent and flavor to the feel and color of the packaging and even the sound when closing the container were taking into consideration while developing EOS.

EOS’ Marketing

At first they had a difficult time get EOS lip balm on the shelves at the major retailers. Many of the male buyers said they simply didn’t understand the product. EOS found its break when a female buyer for Walgreens fell in love with the product. Soon after Walgreens began carrying EOS, Walmart and then Target followed suit. Today, online stores Amazon and eBay sell EOS too!

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EOS’s market is millennial women age 25 to 35 that are conscious of style. Because of this, the marketing strategy uses modern innovations.

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