Matt Badiali’s Investment Strategies

With a BS in earth science from Penn State University, Matt Badiali has spent his life working in companies that deal with his natural resources. Matt who also holds an MS in Geology from Florida Atlantic University worked as a lecturer in his early years after years before a friend introduced him to financial matters.

His friend who is a finance guru and has a Ph.D. in Finance needed Matt to work with him to develop investment strategies for the average American. His friend wanted to tap into Matt’s experiences in the natural resources industry. Since then  Badiali shifted his career to helping investors with the best strategies for investing in agriculture, energy, and metal. Matt joined Banyan Hill in 2017 as a financial writer. He publishes a newsletter called Real Wealth Strategist where he publishes content on building, managing and safeguarding investment. Matt is also active on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Medium where he shares his strategies for creating wealth.

His wealth strategies are not just based on research but actual contact with investors, entrepreneurs, companies in natural industries. He has traveled all over the world to carry analysis on diverse projects to develop his expertise in investing in agriculture, energy, and metals. Matt has been to abandoned mines, oil wells, oil rigs, farms, energy plants to understand the natural resource industry. One of his recent blogs urges investors to put their money in zinc. He says that zinc which is used in the production of many products is depleting, but a large deposit was found in Manitoba by Hudbay.

Matt released a video called Freedom Checks that claimed investors could get huge returns if they invested in natural resources. He said that these checks are issued by MLP companies that pay investors at least 90% of their income made on a quarterly and yearly basis. Unlike other investments, freedom checks entrepreneurs do not pay income tax. He also says that anyone can become an MLP investor despite age or income status. MLP companies which mean Master Limited Partnerships in full are businesses involved in energy and metal extraction and processing.

Agriculture, energy, and metal are one of the industries that have been in existence for years. They are the basis for human survival on earth. With the United States beginning its own oil and gas production then more companies will be established in the coming years. In the past, the US depended on oil from the Middle East, but that is changing year after year. So according to Matt Badiali, this is the best time for investors to dip their toes in natural resources investments.

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Sussex Health Care Looking For Staff Members

The Sussex Health Care is a network of care homes for elderly people as well as adults with special medical and care needs. The centers are based in Sussex, and so far there have been established 19 homes with a total of 500 beds. In addition, the Sussex Health Care has established a new gym in the western part of the city where people with special physical needs can go and train with professionals.

Having been around for about a decade, the Sussex Health Care has achieved a team of professionals and the ability to provide care for residents with various needs such as neurological care, PMLD care, dementia, learning disabilities, residents with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and more. The centers take pride in the quality of their services.

The unique approach of the staff members of the centers of Sussex Health Care is to make it easily available for the residents to take up hobbies and activities. There are scheduled activities for most residents, and everyone is also encouraged to take up hobbies. The staff members believe that staying busy and having hobbies promotes the feeling of being home and it also maintains the quality of life at any age.


The Sussex Health Care also started looking for new staff members recently. There are several positions available in a few of the care homes in the area. The Sussex Health Care makes sure that it is an attractive workplace opportunity through providing many benefits to its staff members.

Some of those benefits include basic things such as pensions, a free staff bus, and a uniform. The staff members of the company also get a reduced rate of accommodation and are trained and educated on-sight by the most experienced professionals of the respective center. The Sussex Health Care has its own Training Academy as the centers have their staff members to a high standard.

Staff members also get subsidiary meals, several paid breaks a year, as well as an increased pay per hour when working on weekends and a double pay for the bank holidays. Staff members can receive bonuses for referring people to the Sussex Health Care centers as well.

One of the most attractive aspects of working at a center of the Sussex Health Care is that the network is established in its line of work and present an attractive addition to one’s portfolio along with allowing for professional realization.

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An Award Winning Work Environment created by James Dondero

If your expertise is in money management, the employees at Highland Capital Management located outside of Dallas, Texas can attest to the fact that this is the absolute best place to put your skills to work. To back up these claims, Highland Capital Management was recently awarded one of the “Best Places to Work in Money Management.” This award is not only an honor, but proves how it’s Co-Founder and President, James Dondero cares about the work environment and his employees.

James Dondero has over 30 years of experience in the field and is accredited with his affiliation to a plethora of money management solutions. His list of experience not only includes serving on the board of Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business, but he is a dedicated philanthropist as well. Along with being an expert in the field of finance, he supports education, veteran’s affairs and public policy. James Dondero truly cares in a variety of ways as shown in the work environment he creates for employees, as well as outside of the company doors. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

There are great reasons this company was recognized as having one of the best employers in the industry, as the president identifies with factors that make a workplace successful. The perks and benefits within the workplace are intended to reduce distractions, enabling the employees to better focus on their work and productivity, giving them a tremendous advantage to succeed and become a leader in the field.


With a top quality health insurance plan where this employer pays 100% of premiums for employees and dependents as well, that is a management decision that directly sets this company apart from others in the industry. But with firm-wide events, providing lunch for the staff on a daily basis, a stocked kitchen, retreats, parties, the employees attribute their workplace to leadership that cares. The employees never have to worry about the trivial things; they know they are well taken care of, leaving them to have the ability at greater focus on their job.

Making the workplace fun, caring about staff and keeping attitudes positive and upbeat at Highland Capital Management deserves to be a recipient for the award of being one of the best places to work. Deserving not only because they provide the perks, but the president is a very wise businessman who knows how to build a company and see it grow in phenomenal ways. Follow James on Linkedin.

The Impact of Inflation on Consumers

Most people often hear about inflation but do not really understand what it is and how it affects their daily lives. Inflation is a significant economic indicator and it helps you to understand how the prices of commodities are changing as well as know what direction the country is headed to economically. The inflation rate of the U.S is currently at 2.1% which is not very good compared to last year. It is therefore important to understand the rate of inflation and how it affects you and the people around you.


Understanding inflation


First and foremost inflation is defined as the increase in the price of goods and services in an economy within a specific period of time. One of the best ways used to determine the rate of inflation is through Consumer Price Index (CPI). This is where the prices of basic commodities such as sugar, gasoline, and movie tickets are tracked over a certain period of time and a report generated out of that. If for example, the report indicates that the CPI is 4% it implies that on average the price of goods and services has gone higher by 4% compared to the previous year.


Inflation can be seen almost everywhere in our daily lives. For example around January 2017 one pound of chicken on average cost $1.42. Later on January the following year, the same chicken was being sold at $1.51. That is an increase of about 6.3%. However, such an increase does not mean that the inflation rate increased by 6.3 percent because the chicken is just a part of the equation.


How inflation affects consumers


An increase in the rate of inflation affects you in various ways. First of all, inflation weakens your purchasing power. When the rate of inflation is high, the standard of living generally goes down as a result of the increase in the price of most commodities. Inflation also increases interest rates charged by banks.


How to shield yourself from high inflation



There are several measures you can take to protect yourself from high inflation. They include diversifying from the dollar and purchasing physical gold.


U.S Money Reserve is one of the largest precious metal dealers in the U.S. The company currently has over 400,000 customers across the country. U.S Money Reserve was founded in 2001 and it is the main distributor of government-issued coins. The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Todd Lubar on Being Successful in Business

Mr. Todd Lubar is most known for his serving as President of the TDL Global Ventures. He established the company several years ago as a way to follow his passion for helping people fund the solace of owning a home. Mr. Todd Lubar is also serving at the Legendary Investments as its Senior Vice President.

For more than 20 years, Mr. Todd Lubar has been working in the industry of real estate and some years ago ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States of America. Other than real estate, Mr. Todd Lubar has ventured into the construction business, entertainment industry, and mortgage banking, to name a few.

For Mr. Todd Lubar, educating oneself on the industry is essential as it inspires ideas, keeps the mind fresh and active. He always starts his day off with his morning routine which involves reading up on any news in the real estate industry. Knowing what is going on in his line of work provides his day with perspective.

Over the course of his career, businessman Todd Lubar has come to value focus, determination, and staying organized. Mr. Todd advises aspiring entrepreneurs to take hold of their ideation and turn it into a process, making it work for them instead of making their head spin. He likes to settle on the idea that is the clearest and create an actionable plan out of it.

In his line of work, changes are constant, and one of the trends that have been exciting Mr. Todd Lubar the most has been the development of technology in terms of home functionality. Remote functions for the home ae an opportunity according to Mr. Todd Lubar. He believes that some sense of automation could benefit all homeowners, mainly in terms of security, making sure that all appliances are off, and that lights and heating are off as well when it should be to save on bills. Having an easy reach will build up the habit. For more details visit Medium.

For the future, Mr. Todd Lubar hopes to expand his TDL Ventures and to start working in other areas as well. You can follow their Twitter page.

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IDLife And Wellness That’s Customized

IDLife is a business that specializes in health supplements. It focuses on nutrition that’s individualized in general as well. The number one aim behind IDLife is to assist people who are passionate about wellness and about feeling like they’re on top of the world. The IDLife team wants humans to view wellness in a totally different light. IDLife strives to encourage people to shed excess pounds on their bodies. It strives to help individuals enjoy ample energy and vitality, too.
This company manufactures many diverse products that boost well-being. “IDLife” means a life that’s “individually designed.” Human beings are all wonderfully one-of-a-kind. The professionals who represent IDLife respond to that by giving them all access to products that cater to distinctive nutritional requirements.

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The team at IDLife believes in ingredients that are first-rate. IDLife’s products do not rely on any pointless additives or fillers. The company provides customers with products that do not contain soy, gluten or GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). People who have celiac disease or any sensitivities to gluten can easily use IDLife’s products. They don’t have to think about possible reactions, either.
Logan Stout is the admired Chief Executive Officer who works for IDLife. He’s IDLife’s proud and thorough founder as well. He’s fortunate enough to have the help of quite a few other capable professionals. He works next to skilled people including President Laura Brandt, Field Leadership Director Scott Unclebach, Chief Financial Officer Joe O’Connor and General Counsel Mark Bennett. These wondrous people all make IDLife what it is for customers. They make the company a trusted source for customized health options of all kinds.
IDLife collaborates with renowned medical professionals who have scientific expertise and training. It works with doctors such as Monika Dhillon, Louis Iorio and Theresa Loomis. Dhillon is a professional who focuses on internal medicine and nephrology. Iorio is an orthopedic surgeon who is extremely well-versed in his field. Loomis, last but undoubtedly not least, is a physician who puts time into all aspects that relate to clinical nutrition. IDLife’s main office is located in Frisco, Texas, a quaint Dallas suburban community.


Jeff Yastine Sees the Future In M & A

Financial journalist and stock market investor, Jeff Yastine, is widely recognized as the longstanding anchor and correspondent of the PBS Nightly Business Report program, holding the position from 1994, until 2010. Throughout his career, Mr. Yastine has had the pleasure of interviewing a number of the world’s most prominent businessmen, including Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Dell, learning a number of insider business practices that have helped to propel him, as well as his audience, throughout the course of his career. His foresight has allowed him to predict a number of catastrophes that have shaken the world’s economy, including the prediction of the dot-com bubble of the early 2000’s, as well as the fall of the real estate market several years later. Through his reporting, Mr. Yastine has successful predicted strong economic turnarounds for a number of high-profile businesses and has also been ahead of the curve on a number of lucrative investments. When Hurricane Katrina struck, Mr. Yastine successful predicted the economic plight that was sure to follow, and in 2007, he was nominated for a Business Emmy Award for his reporting on the crumbling infrastructure of America. He has twice traveled to Cuba, reporting on the impact that foreign investment has had on the country’s economy, and he was on location for the return of the Panama Canal to its native people. Today, Jeff Yastine serves as the editor for Total Wealth Insider as a part of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing, and he also regularly contributes pieces for its columns, Winning Investor Daily, and Sovereign Investor Daily. Visit Jeff Yastine at medium .com to know more.

As we get deeper into 2018, Jeff Yastine predicts a change in the culture of major corporations, switching from emphasizing internal growth, to mergers and acquisitions. Due to changes regarding tax reform, which is sure to free up significant capital, as well as changes in consumer purchases and corporate sentiment, mergers and acquisitions are sure to emerge at the forefront of business policy. In a recent survey by the multinational professional services network, Deloitte, it was revealed, that, of the 1000 executives questioned, nearly seventy percent said that they would use their surplus capital to invest in mergers and acquisitions. According to Dealogic, which has been collecting data regarding mergers and acquisitions since 1995, there was a significant jump in the process toward the end of the year, with November 2017, reaching an all-time high in regards to recent history. Visit :

Fabletics Is Coming Into The Online Retail Spotlight

Fabletics is changing the game in women’s athleisure shopping. The company was founded back in 2013 and sold to actress Kate Hudson as part of a plan by two entrepreneurs to add a brand to women’s athletic wear that was cheaper, offered more variety in design and color and a feeling of empowerment to women of all sizes. Fabletics became a hit by 2016 and today it seems to be one of a few companies that can compete with Amazon. The reason it’s done so well is it understands what younger shoppers are looking for in the choices it offers. It also has expanded into brick and mortar stores, but instead of the brick and mortar stores being the base of its sales, they’re more of a compliment to them and a way that customers can buy merchandise without the wait of shipping. What Fabletics seems to be doing to compete in both worlds is narrowing the gap between the choice variety online while still including the speed of brick and mortar.


Kate Hudson may be known more for her acting skills and awards than her business acumen, but there’s several reasons she’s been able to master both worlds. Those that know her such as her colleague and Fabletics President Gregg Throgmartin say that she’s very approachable, friendly and light-hearted personality-wise. She also will not endorse any product just for a paycheck, and those who know her have said she not only wears Fabletics outfits in promotional videos but also wears them around Hollywood and its neighboring suburbs. Hudson also is not afraid to offer new ideas to her staff and encourage changes when she deems them necessary.


Kate Hudson realized early on that she needed to be flexible with how Fabletics’s customer service worked. She responded to concerns about the signup process and improved communication to customers, and she takes reviews left on the company website very seriously. Fabletics even attributes the periods of growth they’ve seen in the last year to positive reviews because they know in this day and age, customers tend to trust the voices of people like them when deciding whether or not to purchase a product. Fabletics also uses big data and predictive algorithms to help customers in shopping. This is part of Fabletics’s parent company Techstyle Fashion Group’s mission to bring the best of Silicon Valley into the fashion world to appeal to each individual customer’s taste. Anyone interested in shopping with Fabletics can get started by going to and taking the personality and lifestyle quiz as part of the signup form.

Ted Bauman Recognizes Economic Inconsistencies

Throughout his career, Ted Bauman has dedicated his life to creating financial solutions for people so that they can live an autonomous life, free of government or corporate intervention. Although Mr. Bauman was born and raised in the United States, he spent the majority of his career in South Africa, where he worked as an executive in the nonprofit sector, helping to connect others with adequate housing solutions. During this time, he wrote extensively on issues regarding urban planning and housing, securing clients that ranged from the World Bank to the United Nations and a number of grant-making agencies throughout Europe. He attended the University of Cape Town, where he garnered sever postgraduate degrees. In 2008, Ted Bauman returned to the United States, beginning work as a director for Habitat For Humanity, before joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. Today he lives in Atlanta, GA with his family, where he works primarily from his home office. Learn more about Ted Bauman at

Typically, Ted Bauman begins his day in the same fashion – beginning by dropping his daughter off at school, before returning home to initiate his tasks at his basement office. Finding that he works most efficiently in the morning, he normally begins immediately, staying busy until about 5:00 pm each day. He attempts to complete his most difficult tasks first, being that it is the most productive period for him, and when not writing, spends a large portion of time researching, both mainstream and obscure outlets, for information that will be the most beneficial to his audience. Being that connecting with his audience is such an integral part of his job, considering the fact that his information directly influences their financial success and overall security, he has to utilize the full array of his narrative skills to bring mundane topics to life, while also providing real-world examples.

As he is constantly attempting to stay abreast of the latest financial and economic trends around the world, he has recently noticed a trend amongst his readership – they are now questioning many longstanding traditions regarding the public’s relationship with large corporate entities, as well as the government. He believes that many of the issues and contradictions that have come about are the result of the lack of government regulation regarding the free capital movement. While he admits that he has never been a proponent of any type of government regulation, he finds it incredibly exciting that ordinary people are beginning to question traditional practices, while also seeking new and effective solutions.



Igor Cornelsen: A Leading Brazilian Banker and Financial Advisor

There is no talking about successful names in the stock market without the mention of Igor Cornelsen. He is one of the top and most sort-after banking and investments experts presiding in America. Mr. Cornelsen also takes the time to invest back in his mother country, Brazil.

Brazil doesn’t hold a strong investment culture compared to many countries, a norm that Igor Cornelsen has vowed to change. He not only imparts investment knowledge and expertise to Brazilian financial institutions, but he also offers financial advice to outside investors looking to expand their portfolios into South America.

Igor Cornelsen believes that Brazil has one of the strongest economic market in South America. 10 of the biggest banks in Brazil are heavily involved in investments, a fete that has seen the Brazilian economy remain intact as many other markets crush globally. The secret lies in stock market knowledge and avoiding the repetition of past mistakes, as Cornelsen asserts.

Nicknamed the adviser of finances, Mr. Cornelsen works hard to pull more investors into Brazil than in any other South American country. His reasoning is simple; to test the economic strength of any country, just find out who their key trade partners are. Currently, Brazil has strong trading ties with China, another economic superpower. Brazil is one of the largest raw material exporters to China; as the Chinese market continues to thrive and grow, there will always be room for Brazil’s exports. Visit about Igor Cornelsen

One of Cornelsen’s strength in the stock market is identifying the failing stocks and making investments just in time before things go south. He lives under one philosophy in his banking and investments career; ‘the secret to successful investing and earning of large profits is in thinking long-term when putting money in the stock market’. Igor Cornelsen also takes his time to train the local Brazilians on sound personal investments.

Part of the reason why Brazil doesn’t do great on personal investments is perceived fear and lack of knowledge about the available investments opportunities. Mr.Cornelsen makes it his business to educate the masses on the importance of a diversified portfolio and how to identify profitable stocks to invest in.

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